Teaching Multimodality and Image

Well, we’re beginning a new semester, and I’m starting a new class called Media: Image and Influence. As an introductory activity, I’m thinking about having my students do a lesson I’m calling Storytelling With/Without Image. Here’s the basics. First, I’m thinking of discussing storytelling itself by using a clip from TED Talk by Jonathan Harris, a standby for me in terms of inspiration. Then, we begin the storytelling as students tell their own stories in multiple forms: verbally to one another, written without image, recorded using Garage Band, in image using Creative Commons images, and recorded with image on a new online community that my colleague and friend, Theresa Redmond, turned me on to called Cowbird. I tested it out with this little story, and I think it could be a really cool platform for students. I’m considering throwing a monkey into the works in terms of this retelling of the Three Little Pigs that I posted about awhile ago. I’ve never taught this lesson before, but I think it might be worth trying. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.