Teachable Moment: “Selfies”

Tomorrow in my Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age class, I’m going to take a few minutes to take a long, hard look at “selfies” and what they say not only about the person who is taking them but also about our society that we actually have social spaces that not only require these but also cultivate an awareness of the self in these ways. In this lesson, I will use this new Dove ad, which points to issues around gender, identity, and media literacy. It’s a powerful video, and it will be well worth your time. I promise.

p.s. I’ll keep you posted on how the lesson goes tomorrow.




Teachable Moment: Soul Pancake’s “That’s What She Said”

Check out this powerful video in which women are interviewed about their body image and how media and others have influenced how they see themselves. It’s beautifully filmed, and what the women say is worth hearing.

This could be used in any class to introduce body image, gender, and media. How would you teach with this video?