A bit about me…..

I am an Associate Professor at Appalachian State University in Media Studies. My research focuses on the affordances and constraints of media literacy and production in-and-out of school. My dissertation centered around a qualitative research study of the media and pedagogy in four non-profit youth media arts organizations across the U.S., all of whom taught media production to youth of poverty and/or of color. This work focused on how to envision the ethics behind youth media across the U.S. through building a new theoretical framework and analyzing their media empirically using a combination of discourse analysis methods. My publications follow these same lines by forging a new way to analyze youth media called multimodal microanalysis (Gibbons, 2010; Curwood & Gibbons, 2010) as well as coming to understandings about how young people use their own voices to express their identities  (Gibbons, Drift, & Drift, forthcoming). I am currently working on theorizing “rural media literacy” (Under Review), and working on a study about media literacy with preservice teachers with Dr. Theresa Redmond and a study with a set of practicing teachers in a small rural school looking at literacy practices in rural areas.

I love collaborating with others for research, which is an activity I love as we all bring understandings and ways of seeing the world together. I used to be a member of the Games and Learning Society at the University of Madison-Wisconsin. I have been a member of a collaborative group that spans the Southeast United States to examine literacies writ large and place, called the Southern Places Digital Spaces Collaborative. Moreover, I have also worked collaboratively in publications and presentations (Redmond & Gibbons, 2013; Gibbons, Drift, & Drift, 2011; Halverson, Lowenhaupt, Gibbons, & Bass, 2009; Halverson & Gibbons, 2010), with my most recent collaboration being a new book with Ryan Rish and Julie Warner called Negotiating Place and Space Through Digital Literacies: Research and Practice, available here.

Contact Info:

Damiana Gibbons Pyles, Ph.d



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